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The current news by CBSE has brought smiles on the faces of students of class 10. CBSE is going to introduce level-2 mathematics paper for class 10 from 2020 onwards which is going to be easier than the current version of the paper.It is an option for the students who are not willing to study maths in the future that they can give the level-2 paper while the others would be giving the current standard paper.So,now there is no need to be petrified from the scary mathematical equations. According to the National Curriculum Framework, it would serve as a medium for different kinds of learners with different levels of testing.

 The existing syllabus will have an additional easier syllabus pertaining to the new level-2 mathematics exam. According to the CBSE circular,now there will be two types of maths:
  1. Mathematics-Standard: The current version of the exam paper.
  2. Mathematics-Basic: The easier version of the paper.
Even failing or getting compartment in the Mathematics-Standard exam paper would not dampen the spirit of the students as they will have the option to appear for the compartment examination in any of the two levels. To avoid any kind of discrimination and provide equal opportunity to the students,the syllabus, classroom teaching and internal assessment for both the levels of examination would remain the same. At the end of the session,the students on the basis of their mind abilities and valour can decide the level of the paper they want to compete in.
The students need to be careful about the following points:-
  • If a student undertakes basic level exam,he/she can not pursue mathematics at higher level.
  • If a student wants to study mathematics at higher level,it is compulsory to score the grade in the standard mathematics exam.
The students have the complete right to choose the level of examination and they need to mention it in the list of candidates to the Board before the exam.Thanks Sumindar Kaur Saini

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