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To enter the IIT universities, it is necessary to successfully pass the entrance examinations like JEE Main & JEE advanced. With the availability of the number of institutes, many institutes provide the various coaching classes for students. These institutes cover all the aspects and identify the mistakes of students, which further makes the strong in weak points. The advanced modules of such tuition institutes help students to easily understand the basic and advanced concepts of mathematics. They make a strong base of our students by providing them best live online coaching along with the best faculty to ensure maximum marks in board examinations.

Whether you want to take the IIT JEE advanced coaching or JEE Main math coaching, we will here explain the following study points to score the highest marks in JEE main and JEE advanced exams:

Join Preparatory Courses:

Start attending preparatory courses for the institute you are going to enroll in. Such courses are taught by teachers who are experienced and professional staff of the institute. They will prepare you precisely for those tasks that will be at the entrance exams of this university. Do not skip attending courses, otherwise, you risk not passing the test. The number of visit days depends on how much time is left before the entrance exams. If the deadlines are running out, then be prepared that you will have to spend several evenings a week and one day off to prepare for exams. So, join the classes in advance.

Hire Professional Tutors:

If you want to score high marks, then hire a tutor. They will individually explain in an accessible language how to solve certain tasks and examples. You will be able to ask him/her questions that are incomprehensible to you, for which you will receive intelligible and intelligible answers. Also, such a teacher knows better the program of his university and slippery spots in entrance exams. They can tell you about them, which will greatly increase your chances of enrolling in students.

Properly Distribute Forces:

Brainstorm on the last night before the exam is unlikely to play in your favour. And without global research, it is clear that after a person’s sleepless night, attention and memory deteriorate. Therefore, to clear the exam, it is better to think over the preparation before the exams. Divide all material into five parts and teach portion-wise each day. And leave two spare days to repeat. So, without much stress and overwork, you will prepare for the final exam.

Start with the Lightest & Most Interesting:

If it’s hard to force yourself to study the exam, try starting with interesting topics. Imperceptibly drawn in, and preparation will not be as scary as it seemed at first glance. Sometimes the main thing in preparing for the exam is to start. The IIT JEE main coaching is available at reasonable prices.

Choose the Right Exam Preparation Method:

Someone remembers better with their eyes, someone with a hearing, and for someone, it is important to record information. Do you have a good visual memory? Then read the material several times to remember how the pages look. Do you hear better? Read the exam tickets loudly or record them on a voice recorder and listen at your convenience. Did mechanical memory always help out? Set up a notebook and outline the study material. Choose your way to prepare for exams or combine them, and the result will not be long in coming.

Take breaks:

You should not be chained to the table and cram from morning to night. It is better to learn in portions and give the brain a rest. You can dilute the preparation for the exam by any activity that brings pleasure: walking, meeting friends, listening to music, etc. So, the study will not exhaust you. By the way, take breaks in between your study for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Do not Give Up Daytime Sleep:

According to the experiments of American somnologists, 20-30 minutes of lunch sleep help 16% better to remember new information. Therefore, if there is a desire to sleep in the middle of the day, do not deny yourself this pleasure. Set aside textbooks, relax and set an alarm so that you do not inadvertently oversleep until the evening and do not bring down your biological rhythm.


These everyday tips and psychological tricks will help you rationally organize your preparation for exams without overwork and stress. The JEE advanced math coaching classes make your base strong to prepare the students for the tougher entrance examinations. The tutors at eMathsworld keep themselves updated with all the latest that is happening in the field of Math and its subject matter.

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