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Recently CBSE has updated their website for class 10 examinations nationwide for term 1 and term 2 with the new pattern especially in the form of MCQ tests for term 1, whereas for term 2, it will consist of MCQ as well as some subjective questions.

Students should work hard to achieve their goals and this is the right time to prepare.You can use online resources and online live coaching classes to understand all the concepts required for the academic year 2021-2022.

Here are some of the tips to revise in a better way:

  1. Manage time judiciously :

    Its all about how you manage your time before the exams as well as during the exams.During the exam divide the whole time into some segments as per the questions to be solved. Keep a watch handy to note the total time left and don’t put in too much time on one question as that leads to wastage of time and the leftover questions increase the panic level of a person. So use the given time effectively to solve all problems.
  2. Eliminate all the wrong answers:

    In terms of MCQs its appropriate to remove all the wrong answers and then make a correct choice among the remaining choices.You should work on the accuracy factor than the quantity of the questions to be done.If there are lot many calculations better do a theoretical question earlier and then proceed with other problems.
  3. Try to memorize better:

    The questions are somehow present in the book so try to memorize them and revise the concepts thoroughly so that whatever the question may be if you have read it and revised it properly, you can surely answer it in the exam. Try to remember the chapter, page of the book and answer in a proper manner.
  4. Practice the MCQ pattern:

    CBSE has given some sample papers and there are many books consisting of the MCQ pattern so it’s necessary to go through them so as to have an idea in mind about the exam and the pattern it is going to have.
  5. Do the familiar questions first:

    Doing such questions boosts our confidence and one starts feeling better in terms of solving the problems and thus one can quickly solve other questions as well.Address easy questions first followed by the medium and then the hard ones.
  6. Mark the answers properly:

    During attempting the answers, mark the answers accurately and then mark those answers first that you are 100% sure and then do the other questions. It increases your accuracy in such types of exams.

The exam is going to be of 40 marks each with a duration of 90 minutes and all the questions will be asked from the NCERT books so one must work hard and focus on all the topics in detail that are mentioned in the CBSE guided books. One can prepare properly using online resources that are available using high speed internet and laptop to conquer all the concepts of these books.


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