New Pattern For Class 10 Exam/Paper 2022-23

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Students need to understand clearly the latest pattern for the class 10th exam paper in 2022-2033 to achieve a good score in exams. The CBSE board this time is considering to alter the 10th class exam schedule. The board has opted to only perform one yearly exam. This year’s paper carries 80 points, with the final 20 points coming from internal evaluations. Therefore, students who enroll in Standard 10th must visit this site to learn about the new class 10 paper pattern for the CBSE for 2022–2023. Let’s read about this in great detail. This article of eMathsworld follows to learn more about the new CBSE math class 10 test format.

Table of Content

CBSE Class 10th New Exam Pattern For 2022-23
The Paper Pattern For Class 10th Exam
Why Board Introduces This New Pattern?
What is Included in Class 10th Math Exam 2022 – 23?
Final Words

CBSE Class 10th New Exam Pattern For 2022-23

The team of eMathsworld has already assisted students with several Maths CBSE paper patterns for 2023. And now, through the help of the CBSE 10th new exam pattern, we have decided to help students get good scores in the final Math exam.

We understand that obtaining good grades in Math subjects is quite an overwhelming task. However, it’s also true that a little help from tutors and regular practice can support you in reaching those grades.

As per the notices available, CBSE will conduct board exams for Classes 10 and 12 in February, March, and April 2023. As a result, students have about four months to prepare for and master the seven CBSE Class 10 Maths units.
You can break all stereotypes that Math is a difficult subject if you start practicing the problems from the prescribed NCERT Mathematics textbook now! In case you get stuck anywhere, you can refer to the chapter-wise solutions in the NCERT Class 10 Math textbook.

The Paper Pattern For the Class 10th Exam

The following section contains the latest sample papers for students who are eager to test their preparation level:
The exam pattern for the Class 10th Board Exam is divided into 5 sections, including A, B, C, D, and E. The paper will contain 38 questions. The following general instructions will give you a brief idea. Let’s take a look.

General Instructions:

The complete question paper has 5 sections, from A TO E. Each section has a number of questions, containing particular marking criteria. Take a look:

Important Note:

All questions are mandatory. A choice has been provided for two questions with 5 marks, two with 3 marks, and two with 2 marks. In addition, Section E questions with 2 marks have an internal choice
Make sure the drawing figures are neat. You also need to consider π =22/7 wherever required if not stated.

Why Does the Board Introduce This New Pattern?

The initiative of this pattern change is said to discourage students from learning. Instead of blindly copying textbooks, the new pattern will test students’ analytical skills and reasoning abilities. Additionally, the board claims that this step will improve the quality of academic education in institutions.

What is Included in Class 10th Math Exam 2022 – 23?

As we discussed above, the board has released the Class 10th Math Paper Pattern for the academic session. This new pattern has brought new changes to exams along with internal assessment (IA).

The class 10th Math exam consists of a total of 100 marks which is subdivided as:

Annual Board Exam: 80 Marks
Internal Assessment: 20 Marks

Final Words

There are some facts you need to know about the new exam pattern. This way it will become easy to prepare yourself well, and score good grades in Math.

  • Student problem-solving and analytical thinking will be assessed through question papers.
  • The paper pattern includes questions, ranging from 1 to 5 marks.
  • For students to qualify for the written exam, schools will conduct an internal examination.
  • The internal exam will be 20 marks, whereas the written exam will carry 80 marks instead of 100 marks.
  • The students who will pass the school-conducted internal exam will only be qualified for the final written exams.
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