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Well at the end of putting up time, efforts and money in the long two years , it’s all about the score that matters. The preparation was done greatly solving all the textbooks,the online coaching materials, mock tests but what makes the score so less that the student is not able to score well in JEE paper. It’s all about the strategy taken in those three hours and the fact that how much clear you are with different concepts and topics. So if you are reading this , you are surely going to get the right tips:
  1. Stay fit : If you are healthy, you stay happy and energetic to complete the paper. Have a balanced diet , go for small walks and then on the day of paper,feel confident about yourself.
  2. Meditation: Before the exam, stay calm and if nervous, meditate. Remember god gave you this life and your next step is too decided by him, so just take these 3 hours of life as a trip into the deep ocean of some questions where the target is not to be lost but find the suitable answers to swim back to the top to enjoy your self-made life.
  3. Be careful : While attempting the paper, read the instructions and select the most promising questions. The student who has attempted the online papers can solve better while reviewing and submitting the answers.
  4. Attempt strategy: Solve easier questions followed by the tough questions. You need to analyze the paper and work according to your strengths. Divide the time , give equal time to all the subjects firstly, let it be 40 minutes per subject and put the remaining time to solve questions according to your priority.
  5. Feel like its school exam: Some students are very comfortable while solving the school exams as they have been doing it from past many years. So feel the same for this paper and avoid any kind of undesirable pressure.
  6. Manage time: It’s all about time. Don’t waste time on one section only,define it well for other sections also. Save time for rechecking if possible. Solve that section maximum that you have practiced a lot and more confident about.
  7. A clear yes/no: If you can’t solve, better don’t waste time on it,move to the next part because time doesn’t wait according to you.
  8. Be positive : The way  you are solving is the apt one and will produce required results. Feel confident about your two years of rigorous training and that no one can stop you from achieving your engineering dream.
  9. Copy well: The values and important data to be copied perfectly without any silly mistakes. Manage the sheets provided to you with proper marking of the questions.
  10. Sleep well : Training the mind requires proper relaxation and sleeping for around 7-8 hours at night before exam reconciles all the good energy and the brain can concentrate better.
I hope these tips bring a wonderful change in your perception regarding the exams.

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