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The Government of Ministry has declared the examination dates of JEE Mains. The heartbeat of every student who is planning to crack the exam is becoming faster than anything. This is the time when students start getting high pressure or stress on their minds to clear the exams. This is not good for them. Some students can even lose their efficiency due to heavy stress and lack of proper study plans. Now here we will discuss the effective 45 days of the study plan to prepare for the JEE Mains Exams without getting extra stress with a free mind. Because just this much time has been left to the students to prepare for their exam. Our plan will lead the student to the right path which turns their ways to a successful point.

Important Aspects to Focus Before Starting the Preparation of Exams

  1. Use Best Authentic Books: Make sure to use authentic, reputed authors’ books & other study material to prepare for the exam.
  2. Study Regularly: Make a habit to study daily to avoid heavy stress in the last week of the exam.
  3. Simultaneously Focus on Class XII exams: Under the stress of JEE Mains don’t forget the preparation of your 12th class exams which is simultaneously very important at this time for you. As the percentage of 12th class will determine your chances of admissions for IITs/NITs
  4. Do Hobby Regularly: To reduce the burden of stress from the body you need to do some outdoor/indoor activities which refresh your body & soul.
  5. Make an Experience Mentor: You need to get guidance from an experienced mentor who can share his experience with you. This will help you the most than anything else.


The JEE study strategy given below will benefit not only beginners but also experienced applicants looking for JEE revision advice.

Week 1: Start from Basic Concepts of each section

Start preparing for your exams from the very basic topics which can cover the first 3 units of the syllabus in each subject. For instance, in Physics, the first three modules (Units & Dimensions, Measurement of Errors, and Vectors) will help you understand all of the fundamental formulas, derivations, and conversions. Use the same approach in chemistry and mathematics.

Week 2 : Select Most Important Concepts & Revise Previous One.

After completing the basic concepts, move on to the important concepts of the syllabus. Week 2 of the JEE Main study plan will be the most crucial, as it will determine if you get 100+ points in all three topics.

Week 3 : Focus to do Continuous Revision

Week 4 : Prepare Day wise Subject Plan

Week 5 : Revise Week 1 to 4 all topics

Week 6 : Study some new fresh topics in 6th week

Planning for last 3 days (43, 44 & 45)

  1. Spend more hours on mathematics to solve the test papers in less time. Good practice on mathematics subject will help you in your exam
  2. Study all subjects daily for at least one hour and make sure to get some stressless time. Don’t panic by thinking of unnecessary tensions and thoughts. Just relax and do normal studies of all concepts.
  3. Try to focus more on the weak concepts which you know need more practice

Conclusion :

These are some weekly strategies that students can follow as they prepare for the JEE Main 2022 exam. The suggestions will assist students in properly managing their time and achieving good exam results. The adequate study, revisions, topic selections, mock tests, proper relaxation, stress alleviation, and eating habits are ways to improve exam efficacy. If you are looking to get training from expert mentor for JEE Mains exams you should consider Emathsworld online mathematics sessions which will help you to boost the confidence as well as solve the fussy questions with full explanation.

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