JEE Main 2019: Is coaching necessary to crack the exam?

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The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) was conducted by the National Test Authority (NTA) twice in 2019. It’s not an exaggeration if one said JEE is the mother of all entrance tests. This year almost 10 lac students appeared for the JEE mains. They will be competing for admissions to the IITs, NITs and other government aided engineering colleges/institues. The exam this year was conducted online. JEE Mains has 2 papers – one for engineering and the other for architecture courses.

Paper 1 is for engineering. It has 3 sections – Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. The questions are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), with 4 choices for each question. Students loose 1 mark for each incorrect answer that is attempted. Each section has 30 questions of equal weightage. The paper is of 3 hour duration. A student has to secure minimum 75% marks is HSC examination or fall in the top 20 percentile of students of his HSC board to get admission to reputed engineering institutes.

JEE is one of the most difficult entrance exams around with very few students making it to the top ranking institutes and the percentage of students who make it to JEE Advanced is really low.
The permanent debate in the mind of students is to what extent online coaching classes will be beneficial to them to prepare for JEE. Here is a brief synopsis –

Advantages of Online JEE Coaching Classes:

  1. Collective experience: Online JEE coaching classes have collective experience of a number of well-educated faculty members, hundreds or thousands of students over a number of years. This gives them a good grip of the nuances and the pitfalls of preparing well. A self-study student cannot avail this.
  2. Extensive research for study material and questions: Classes have their own research team and faculty to prepare study material and question papers. They often put good students in separate batches where they are exposed to advanced problems.
  3. Methodologies to crack the questions faster: JEE is a lot about speed. Students have to crack 90 questions in 3 hours, which is really difficult. It is not enough to know the concept. It is very important to know certain tricks and methodologies to solve quickly. On their own students won’t be able to know many such tricks.
  4. All India Test Ranks: Online JEE coaching classes conduct their own tests and the student gets to know his/her rank vis-à-vis others. This is a clear indication of where they stand and how much they have to prepare.
  5. They know what to concentrate on: Frequent tests are conducted by Online JEE coaching classes and they analyze the students’ performance from various angles. This helps students know where they are strong and where they need to prepare more. Students can devote more time to overcome their weak areas.
  6. They help identify weak and strong points and work accordingly: As mentioned above, the students can manage their time better. The syllabus is vast and it is required to strategically plan how much time should be devoted to what. Classed can help students do this in a better manner.
  7. Easier to maintain regularity: It is very difficult to maintain regularity of study schedules for students in their own. In case of Online JEE coaching classes it is easier because of regular time schedules.
  8. Better planning of syllabus and practice: The syllabus is so vast that even sincere and smart students may find it difficult to plan properly to finish the syllabus in time and devote enough time to practice. The problem is not faced by students taking online coaching classes.
  9. Facing the competition: Students who have enrolled in coaching classes have an exposure of competing with students from all over the country even before they write the exam.

Though all of this is true, the major problem is students lose a lot of time in commuting. Sometimes students may loiter around on the pretext of classes and waste time.

Online JEE classes do away with these problems. Another advantage is in case of online JEE classes, a student can select specific subject in which he needs more preparation. E.g. someone may want an online JEE classes for Maths only. Another may want an online JEE class for Physics only. Students going for classroom coaching cannot have this advantage.

Looking at the scenario, online JEE classes definitely seem to be the need of the day.

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