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The moment a student enters a classroom, he has the question why i have to study,hence all the age groups find studying hard.But once you get acquainted with the methods of education,you find your pace at learning you actually start enjoy the learning.The online medium of learning is better and more advanced.Through it the students have the freedom to study and practice anything they want.

Being an online student, to learn healthily a distraction-free environment is important so that the student can focus,relax and study at their own pace.You need to have a dedicated free-space,don’t get distracted by any medium,take some rest and brief naps, listen to music and exercise while working on your hobbies and work and study online with a stable internet connection.

Good working space: At your home or at a safer place, create a good dedicated study zone for the online learning.As soon you are able to find a suitable space, the learning can become better.The brain too starts getting the positive vibrations regarding the study and the concentration levels increase significantly.

Create a motivational working space with the inspirational quotes, lights, plants nearby and suitable temperature for better learning.Make a list of requirements and keep nearby and start studying in the most cozy place.Follow the routine,exercise, get dressed and catch the concepts easily.It will make you feel better and you can get a great moving in your life.

No more distractions:

A good and safe environment helps you retain more information and increase the capability to create a good quality work. The online students should create a strict time schedule and follow it. Initially,put your phone on silent and keep yourselves away from the social media and study well.New notifications are the biggest distraction ever,so put away all the cool electronic gadgets as gaming console,iPad and other stuff.You should exercise and go visit some nearby refreshing places so that when tired you can go to those places.

Take brief breaks:

Even if you are serious about your work,you need to be careful about your health.You need to take small breaks whether to the kitchen or nearby park and then the study can become more effective. Just keep short breaks,drink enough water and try to reconnect the mind with the study materials and feel refreshed.Take a walk and just keep a small social circle to connect with.Sleep well and keep distant from the screen for a good amount of time to rest the eyes and have a pleasant learning.

Take your hobbies seriously:

Listen to music,dance, art your masterpieces and try to reconnect with the environment and nature that will have a soothing effect on the mind,soul and body and then you can learn at a faster pace. Some classical,instrumental music, some good motivational movies can make the day and learning more better.

Stable internet connection:

It is the most important thing to have a stable internet connection for the online courses so that you can spend more time in researching and learning than wasting time on the internet stability check ups and study without any disturbance. Even if you study outside the home, rely on some reliable internet source so that you can search for every relevant topic and increase your knowledge.

It is also good to have a laptop with greater storage capacity so that you can download and add relevant stuff.If you save the documents continuously you can keep a track of the topics covered and it will be helpful in the future as well.

So online classes are very useful but for that it is necessary to create a distraction-free zone for optimal results and use them for a bright future ahead.

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A well-known teacher and blogger, Suminder Kaur aims to help students be better leaders and get better results in field of education. She leads a bi-weekly podcast full of ideas and strategies for students.