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In the current time situation, every sector is growing very fast. The education sector is also one of them. As technology is growing day by day scope of the engineering field is also increasing rapidly. For taking admission to Engineer top colleges Students have to crack JEE Mains and Advanced exams. Competition for the new generation is also rising day by day for getting best rank in the exams. So, they need to study in a way that they can get the best from their dedicated time. It is the need of time that students should prepare themselves smartly rather than hardly for cracking the JEE Mains Exams on the first attempt.

There are many ways which students can follow to work smartly rather than preparing for whole day and night to achieve their goal of cracking JEE Mains Exams:

  • Set a Routine: To achieve your goals in life first thing we should do is to set a daily routine to prepare ourselves for that goal. In the same way, if Students want to get one of the best Ranks in the JEE Mains and Advance they should set their routine to study without unnecessary Gap. Whether you prepare yourself by a study just 2 hours but it should be followed on regular basis.
  • Attend Online Coaching: With the fastest-changing path of technology, Way to study is also shifted to digitalization. Students should attend coaching classes for preparation of JEE Mains & Advance through online mode. It will save their time and energy to study more.
  • Two Books are Sufficient to Follow: In most cases, Students follow many books at the time of preparing for the JEE Mains & Advance Exams but this is the wrong way to study. Along with NCERT, one another authentic book is sufficient to study. Preparing from so many different books ultimately creates confusion regarding the topic and this will mislead the concepts.
  • Set a Target: To achieve something big in life we have to set a definite target which leads to build faith in ourselves to achieve the goal, your hard work will push you to achieve it. You should think positively about your goal. Preparation for JEE Main could bring monotony which can cut down the motivation levels when candidates keep themselves away from family, for such a situation should go for webinars, vlogs, podcasts apart from acquiring knowledge through books alone.
  • Practice Previous Question Papers: The best way to prepare yourself for the JEE Main – Advanced Exams is to solve previous years’ question papers as much as you can. It will help you to boost your confidence level and also gives you insight into different types of questions asking in exams.
  • Avoid Social Media Attractions: When you want to achieve your goal you must keep away from all other distractions which create hindrance in your path. In the current situation, most of the people spent their time by using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. All these habits lead to wastage of lots of time. So, during the preparation of JEE Mains Exams, you should take care of most of the time savings and spent by doing studies.
  • Follow Healthy Routine: In earlier times people said “Sound Mind resides in a Sound Body” which means your mind will work at the best only when your body will be fit and fine. If your body feels tiredness, laziness, etc. then you can’t make properly concentrate on your given tasks. So, try to do some light Yoga & Exercises on daily basis, this will help you to keep fit and more energetic while doing studies of JEE Mains & Advanced
  • Choose a Mentor: If you want to get the best Rank in JEE Mains & Advanced Exams you should choose a mentor who can teach you from time to time every concept of the syllabus. An experienced and well-qualified mentor can advise you the best and provide proper coaching to you. This will helps you to clear all your doubts and practicing as much as you want.
  • Focus on Tough Concepts: As every subject covers both easy and toughest topics, we all are aware of our strongest and weakest parts of the syllabus. To clear JEE Mains and Advanced Exams you should more focus on weaker topics. Pick the questions based on your strengths on exam day. Don’t overlook your strengths; they’ll be vital in achieving a strong JEE rank. Learn concepts, practice them, discover your flaws, and then practice those flaws.


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