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Life gives us the biggest opportunities and if they occur at the same time, we need to priorities according to what we actually want. But talking about the 12th board class, we need exceptionally high grades in our board exams as well as we need to clear the cutoff of JEE Main exams to get fitted into one of the best universities and colleges of India. So, differentiating between JEE Mains and board exams is a very tough job. Actually it’s our board exams that is the criteria for appearing in JEE Main examinations. The board exams take place in March whereas the JEE Main generally exams occur in January and April.

Hence it’s very important to prepare for JEE Mains and class 12th board exam simultaneously and for that there are some following tips:

Conceptualize and Focus:

Board exams require theory whereas JEE Main exam is all about practice. One needs to conceptualize and learn all the theory while applying it in a practical manner along with visualizing it in real life to clear the JEE Main exams. In this you are tested upon your logical and analytical skills. Clearing this exam with maximum marks land you in the perfect institute.

Revise Wisely:

In order to score the highest marks in boards and JEE Mains you need to revise thoroughly whatever you have practiced in the whole year. It’s important to remember all the formulas, the concepts, the theory as well as the diagrams to clear in both the board exams as well as JEE Main exams. Set a time table according to the weightage given to the chapters prioritize according to them and cover the whole syllabus before exams to score well.

Have a Time Table:

Time and tide wait for none so you need to plan the whole year according to your subject. Prepare an awesome strategy ,a structured time table and break down the entire syllabus into small parts. Mention all the subjects in the time table according to the time that would be taken honestly by you in completing them. Have a practical approach towards a goal without any stress. Balanced diet helps a lot in maintaining the sufficient nutritious level of the body that helps one to attain the goals successfully.

Complete The Entire Class 12 & JEE Main Exams Syllabus:

It’s important to complete the entire syllabus without leaving any topic before the paper. Whether the topic is easy or difficult, the time table made should be spent properly on all the topics so that you are able to come up with different solutions of problems in the paper.

Better Understanding of Concepts:

When you read the paper be sure that you read all the questions clearly and accordingly make a strategy in your mind. Work out accordingly so that you are able to complete the paper on time. The MCQ portion of JEE Main exam should be attempted properly so that no question is left and answers are properly marked.

Do Not Compare:

It is not a feasible approach to compare between the board exams and JEE Mains exam as both are different and have varied aspects.The board exam is to calculate the efficiency of the student whereas JEE Main exam is to make a student capable of taking engineering subjects in future. Hence both should not be undermined as they require equal hard work and so nothing should be left behind.

Previous Year Question Papers:

The more you practice, the more you gain knowledge ,hence it is better to practice the previous year question papers that polishes the concepts and increase your confidence level. The more higher the spirits are, the more is the level of attaining the goal. Solve both previous year JEE main paper as well as previous year class 12 exams as the questions can be interchanged and interlinked that could help you in a better manner.

Online Study Material:

Internet is the best teacher ever and nowadays you can use a lot of online stuff through varied learning methods. One can easily access them as well as get all the doubts cleared. Online teaching has become one of the best mediums to train a young mind to become feasible enough to solve large number of problems in less time. One could also take online test series that it tells the scores instantaneously along with the errors and helps a student to gain more knowledge.

Hence studying for JEE Main exams and board exams is not difficult , just the need is to be honest in the learning process and prepare for the questions in both the examinations.Due to the shortage of time some students leave one part and focus on another whereas according to my personal experience, one must prepare simultaneously for both the exams in order to achieve success in life.

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