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It is the dream of every student studying non-medical to be a part of one of the top IITs of India. It just requires great passion, immense hard work and some time management skills to crack JEE main and advanced exams. If you follow the given steps, nothing in the world could act as a barrier in your path towards success.

Choose Wisely:

Preparation for such a tough exam requires rigorous practice. The numbers of students competing for seats in IITs are in lakhs hence it is important to choose wisely the requirements for such exams. The syllabus for JEE Main exam is vast, so it is important to make a list of the priorities and work accordingly.

Manage Time:

No matter how well you prepare, if you don’t manage time well then the dream of securing All India Rank 1 will never get fulfilled. It is the most important thing to realize that time management along with smart work is the key to the door of the IIT’s. It is very different that you sit for around 18-19 hours physically however mentally you were just there for 2 hours. Surprisingly it is the time you give to train your mind which matters.

Make a Time Table:

Get a calendar, a page and a pencil. Mark all the deadlines and work accordingly. Set the tasks and accomplish them within the given limits. Utilize every second of the day and this will automatically help during the exam as well. Plan the activities logically and carry out the daily tasks as well to avoid boredom in life.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Take proper nourishment, balanced diet along with exercising as skipping or cycling. Sleep well and go for small walks in the nearby areas. Don’t skip meals.

Know The Proper Syllabus:

JEE Main and Advanced have a lot of syllabus; hence proper information regarding the syllabus is necessary to avoid wastage of time on a later stage. Gets the complete information regarding the pattern of the paper whether it’s objective with single or multiple choice questions.

Coaching – Online or Offline:

As the technology is growing at a higher so why not we should try different concept of learning. Here are the few reasons why online coaching is more preferable option for student:

  • The student can study at their own speed and can take more amount of time in understanding the concepts.
  • The video lectures can be seen repeatedly without any wastage of time and energy.
  • The student feels comfortable at home and can study sincerely.
  • Doubts can be asked multiple numbers of times.
  • A quick interaction is possible among the students and teacher.

Study The Concepts and Develop Problem Solving Capacity:

It is the student who needs to work day and night to develop problem solving intellect. Practice lots of questions from all the three sections and increase the accuracy in the results.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers:

As the concepts are old so are the questions, in order to get the correct guidance related to the exam, JEE Main and Advanced previous years question papers should be solved and analyzed so that the student can get more knowledge regarding the type of questions asked in the exam.

Join an Online Test Series:

This is the best that a student should do in order to know the exact level where he/she stands. The tests are conducted online and the results are shown on the spot on the screen and the child can know the weak points and start focusing more on it.

Find a Good Mentor:

If the world says someone is the best for the mentor-ship, try it yourself and don’t rely on others opinions. The one you may feel comfortable for asking the doubts. eMathworld provides the best mentor for learning things though live practical and result oriented approach.

Limit the distractions as social media websites and concentrate more on the gaining of knowledge in the two years. Work efficiently and increase the level of your skills. Check yourself on a daily basis where you have increased the accuracy and the portion where you lag behind.

About Sumindar Kaur

A well-known teacher and blogger, Suminder Kaur aims to help students be better leaders and get better results in field of education. She leads a bi-weekly podcast full of ideas and strategies for students.