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An overview: IIT-JEE is one of the most prestigious exams of our country and clearing it is one of the dreams of every non-medical student who wants to pursue engineering as their career field. It is possible to clear this exam only through hard work and time management. The best possible means to get through it is to study the three subjects in an equal proportion. Being a non-medical student, my favourite subject is mathematics as it is highly conceptual and fact-based. There are no tricks or shortcuts to go through this tough examination but there are specific ways to master mathematics.

What to do?

  1. KEEP FAITH: Well, keep faith in yourself and practice a lot. Your prime focus should be on understanding the basics of the subject rather than learning the formulas. Maths consists of difficult formulas which can be learnt only by written practice. Although the solutions to the maths questions are time-consuming but time management skills and confidence on your ability to solve these can get you through this complex situation.
  2. VISUALIZE EVERY PROBLEM: Try to make a picture of the problem in your brain and connect it to the everyday life as relating trigonometry and circles to the buildings present in actual life, the volume of a balloon and the height of a slide. The mathematics is all about our world and we just need to realize how and where to make use of it .
  3. NCERT +1 and +2 BOOKS: There are many books that a student can go through. As per the CBSE guidelines the NCERT books have been structured according to the syllabus prescribed and for an everlasting performance in IIT-JEE ,the first step is to solve these books and study all the related stuff. Personally I feel that due to the advent of technology, one can also rely on online resources for training one’s mind. One must look out for online examples of almost all the topics present in our books.
  4. SOLVE PRACTICE PAPERS: The best way to prepare for JEE advanced exam is go through the practice papers and solve the last years question papers that helps one in understanding the level of the paper and then work out accordingly on the different concepts that could be used to solve the questions.
  5. BE TIME BOUND: The moment you start practicing , keep a check on the clock and be prepared according to the time. The time constraints should be followed punctually and that would help greatly during the paper.
  6. MARK THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: One problem has many solutions and approaches, hence if at once the problem can’t be solved, mark it for deciphering later with more focus and different technique.
  7. COMPLETE THE SYLLABUS: While practicing don’t leave even a single topic as the paper could come from anywhere in the world , so be prepared else one starts losing confidence and then fears of figuring out any problem in the paper.
  8. LEARN AND MERGE: In mathematics the most important step is to learn all the formulas and techniques and merge them to bring out the best results.

Mastering mathematics is not tough however there is a need to realize that we can train ourselves by correct means and in today’s era the optimum way is apply for an online coaching medium especially for mathematics. Solve as many books as you can and practice previous year questions. The need is to realize the inner potential as nothing is impossible as the word itself says I’m possible, so try to use the tremendous energy within you in doing something fruitful, the best being clearing the toughest JEE-Mains and so keep moving by learning new every day.

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