About Online Classes

Can a student speak his/her problem directly to the tutor during the class?

The student can raise a question to clarify his/her doubt during the class using the unmute option or raising the hand option which is present in almost all web applications these days.The doubt will either be cleared on the spot or the teacher can clear it in the extra doubt session which is exclusively kept for the students to sharpen their skills.

How many students will be there in live classes?

The student can either attend one-on-one learning or group learning. In one-on-one learning, the teacher to student ratio is 1:1 wherein one teacher attends to the one student and teaches the concepts along with the clearance of the doubts. However in a group learning there are 4-5 students that learn effectively using the online medium and all their needs are catered by a single teacher.

How online classes take place?

The online classes take place in real time wherein a tutor teaches a student using online medium as Skype, GoogleMeet or other web applications.The teacher shares the screen in real time and showcases the reading content to the student with an audio based backend that caters to the written content and the doubts of the student.These classes are effective as they save time and transportation money.

How to attend Free Online Demo Class?

The free online demo class can be attended using a laptop and high speed internet connection and this class is absolutely free of cost so, the student can either call,WhatsApp or mail according to the query and the demo class can be accustomed according to the student.

How will a student enter into the class?

The students needs a laptop and internet connection using which a link to the class will be provided on a given web application wherein the student will login to the particular class on a daily basis.

Is there any other platform you have where a student can ask questions except online classes?

The student can either call, mail or ask query via WhatsApp as these are quite effective mediums in problem solving.

What are the Benefits of Online Classes?

Online classes are quite easy to attend,there is no need to travel to far off places an dspend thousands of rupees in the hostels hence it saves both the time and money and the student can spend that time in studying and clearance of doubts.Also the student studies at home in the presence of their parents hence there is a decline in the ratio of security problems and full concentration can be given to the future of the students.

What are the requirements to attend the online classes?

Attending the online classes is very easy and requires very few things as proper internet connection of 1Mbps speed with a laptop that has proper audio and video facilities.The student can even attend the classes on the tab or smartphone with a headset to channelize the audio in an effective manner.

What if a student faces a technical problem during Online Live Class?

Even if the student faces a technical problem,the teachers are always ready to help the students and help them and even extra classes are kept so that the student does not lose any of the concepts taught in the class.

What will be the timings of the Live Classes?

The timings of the online classes are kept according to the convenience of the student.As per their schedule,the timing of the online classes is kept and the student just has to login into the class using the laptop while sitting at their homes making their learning easy and better.

What will happen if I miss a Live Class?

Even if a student misses a Live Class, there are extra classes for the students which the students can attend as per their convenience so that none of their topics are left and they can readily study and prepare for their future.

About Exam Preparation

Do I get tips and tricks to clear exams?

Yes,of course the student gets to know about the best tips and tricks to clear the exams and there is no bigger trick than actually working hard so, we at eMathsWorld teach a student how to work progessively to attain their goals.

How to manage time for Studies?

The time management entirely depends on the students concepts and level of concentration.If you are able to cope up with the syllabus on the time,you need to spend lesser time in self revision and more of the time can be spent on solving the harder questions.

How to stay motivated throughout the preparations?

Staying motivated is the main key to attain success in life,because we never get what we want so easily and there are many circumstances that tend to derail us from the path of knowledge , hence it is highly required that the student remains motivated and keeps some hobbies as music, art and dance to move away from hopeless situations and the most important fact “IIT-JEE even if not cleared, is not the end of the life as life itself offers various opportunities just there is a need to look at them feeling motivated always”.

What are the benefits of Previous Years Papers?

It is very important to solve the previous year papers as it is because of them the student actually realizes the core concepts asked in the papers and starts revision practices according to it.The student understands the importance of time management and divides the time according to the questions asked. The papers hepls a student get a mindset that helps him/her in the real examination.

Will I get Hard Copy Study Material?

As the classes are entirely on online medium and the soft copies of the material are provided,it is very difficult to provide the hard copies as the student from distant areas can not effectively fetch the hard copies.

General Questions

Do you provide counselling related to students’ problems and career planning?

Yes, we provide motivating career counselling sessions to the students wherein they are told about the industrial world and applications of the study in real life as a result of which, the students are filled with determination and self-confidence to achieve success in their future.

Do you provide scholarships to students?

The students who excel in their performance at eMathsWorld will be provided scholarships on the basis of their concentration and will to learn.

Do you provide Test Series?

Yes, online test series are provided to the students for both the board and IIT-JEE Mains and Advance exams wherein the students can learn about their skills and improve their performance using the knowledge of core concepts taught at eMathsWorld.

How Can I Pay my Fees?

Well, if we are teaching online, so we suggest pay online and all sorts of online payments are available.But don’t worry about payment, worry about good online education providers as they are the one who will shape your future.

What are the advantages of eMathsWorld online courses?

Online classes at eMathsWorld is innovative, saves time as well as money as the student do not need to travel to distant places for better education facilities and the doubts can be cleared on the spot or in separate doubt sessions.Also you can refer to :- https://www.emathsworld.com/live-online-coaching-is-better-than-offline-coaching/ for more advatanges of online classes.

Why to choose eMathsWorld when we have other online coaching providers?

Well, I suggest just take one demo class and you will be able to figure out the huge difference between us and the other online coaching providers.We make you learn and guide throughout your journey to accomplish your goal.