Do You Need to be a Genius to crack IIT-JEE?

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One of the most prestigious exams to get selected to the Indian universities and colleges of engineering is IIT-JEE. As per the complexity of the paper, people feel that you need to be a born genius to crack the exam so the question is, what about the average or the weak students who dream of becoming the best engineers ever.

Well these students too can clear the exam along with JEE-advanced and get into the top IIT’s.

The society and the people around, feel it’s merely the talent that matters. Only the most brilliant or the topper could make a success at clearing JEE.

More than the talent it’s the passion and critical thinking that adds a value towards the development of achieving the seat in these Institutes.

No one is weak just needs a desire in heart to accomplish the goal so here are some tips:

  •  Make a time table: Have a clear mindset and be consistent while completing the assignments. Follow the schedule regularly and whenever you feel some negativity, meditate and spend some time on your hobbies.
  • Centralizing the target: Work hard to achieve your aim, keep the focus on just the target leaving aside all the problems and bad companions. Be consistent by putting up small goals and attain them on a daily basis.
  • Mental strength: There is nothing in this world that is impossible and with courage you can increase your efficiency to do work. Be physically fit and train your muscles that will automatically improve the thinking and reasoning power.
  • Smart Efforts: The challenges are many but working smartly with the help of online resources such as ebooks, online courses and online YouTube videos one can easily come across these obstacles in life.
  • Proper guidance: If you want to crack such papers, there is a need of proper guidance that could be provided by the teachers right books and verified online resources.
  • Books,our best friends: Well until and unless a student does not practice himself the results are nowhere to be seen, hence books are very important for self teaching and NCERT books are the first ones to be solved, followed by other books and related stuff.
  • Continuity: Well fighting the hurdles requires a lot of grit and perseverance and preparing for IIT JEE requires a lot of patience and continuity in the efforts. sometimes a person May feel to leave everything in between, so need to be physically and mentally stronger to get admission into the best colleges ever.
  • Health factor: Eat healthy and nutritious diet so that you don’t feel dizzy and can overcome fatigue during the exams. give proper rest to your body by sufficient time of sleeping.Visit some refreshing places and go for brisk walks in the mornings and evenings.

The need is to change Indian mentality. There is no need to listen to what the society says , what our relatives say. Be confident enough and work hard, god surely has something bigger for you, just the need is to realize the right time. Give your dreams a follow-up and no one can stop you from becoming what you want to become in life.

It takes great efforts and responsibility to cherish the dream of your life.

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