CBSE Board Exams 2023: Know How to Ace In Class 10 Maths paper

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Are you feeling nervous while thinking about the 10th CBSE board exams? Do you still need to prepare for the final exams even if you are studying regularly? No worries, Today I’ll provide you with some best tips to face every question in the 10th maths exam with great confidence, determination & right answer. Exams might be challenging for us since we must manage a lot of mental pressure to understand the material. However, because of the extensive syllabus, we frequently overlook certain things, but there is a solution to correct this. Let’s look at how to study for our tests, notably the Class 10 Math exam.

Best Tips For CBSE Class 10th Preparation

1. Understand the Exam Pattern & Syllabus: To crack any exam you must need to get familiar with the exam syllabus & pattern thoroughly. This will help you to create a clear picture of the topics which you need to do with 100% accuracy & which you can prepare with 60-70% determination. The CBSE class 10 Exam pattern offers information about the types of questions that will be asked, how many questions there will be, how long the exam will last, the marking system, and the areas that will be covered. It is advised that students read the entire CBSE class 10 syllabus. The 100 marks in the CBSE class 10th exam are divided into the following categories:

• Annual Board Exam: 80 Marks (33% of 80 in each topic must be passed).
• Internal Assessment: 20 Marks (10 Marks for Periodic Tests*, 5 for Notebook Submission, and 5 for Subject Activities).

2. Create Your Study Schedule: If you want to achieve your target to get success in the 10th CBSE board exams you need to make proper planning. Students must create and adhere to a proper study schedule. Making timetables will make pupils feel more confident and allow them to study at a steady pace. Make sure to provide more time for challenging courses while adhering to the study timetable. Create your schedule; the child should understand how to manage their time between different subjects. Give at least two hours to math each day to maintain a regular practice. Your ability to retain the concepts will improve with regular practice of mathematical tasks. Additionally, it gives you confidence when you come across similar issues or questions on the exam.

3. Try to Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers: Most of the time examiners create exams by getting help from the previous year’s question paper. Almost most of the questions come from the same patterns. Students should get some previous years’ papers & focus on all other questions that are concerned with those papers. In this way, students can also work on their timing to solve the questions & prepare themselves more dedicatedly. To gauge their level of preparedness, students are advised to practice class 10 CBSE question papers from prior years. Students must be aware of the time since finishing the question paper within the allotted time will allow teachers to gauge how quickly they can solve problems.

4. Do Practice: As we know practice makes a man perfect. Mathematics subjects require the best practice of all formulas and applications that should be at the top of your mind & fingertips. Here I am not talking about cramming the concepts but I am focussing on understanding the concepts clearly. If you understand the theory & its concept you can solve any question without any doubt or hesitation.

5. TakeShort Brakes while Studying: If a student remains still while attempting to concentrate, learning becomes challenging for him or her. While studying, it is advised that pupils take brief pauses. Exercise for 10-15 minutes in between classes will keep you healthy, active, and intellectually prepared for future science classes. This is a very important point for the students because too much of anything at one point in time start making its negative impacts on the body & mind.

6. Write To The Point Answers: While attempting your exam don’t write generic answers. That may impact a negative effect. You must need to write appropriate/to-the-point answers to the questions, especially in mathematics exams. When the time for the exam preparation is finally here, the hard effort must be reflected on the answer sheet. To write the best possible answers and finish the exam on time, students must use the right method and plan. Utilize the allotted 15 minutes of reading time wisely before beginning the exam.

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