CBSE Board Exams 2023: How to Crack 12th Maths Paper Easily?

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Preparation for the board exams is one of the big tasks for students and their families. As the time for the board exam comes students and their parents start getting burdened. Students can try out a couple of the methods listed below to make the process easier and get the most significant outcomes possible, giving them the tools they need to absorb information quickly and remember it for a long time. The following methods show proven results in board exams & students should try these methods to check their results.:

Techniques & Methods To Score Best Marks in Board Exams:

  1. Understand Theorems & Formulae: Students must be constant with their practice because repetition is the key to performing well on all exams. All of the critical theorems and formulas need to be constantly reviewed. Always make a note of all the crucial details and formulas. By doing this, students can quickly review their notes during the last few minutes of the test. Students who want to succeed should study the Class 12 Maths revision notes and CBSE formulas.
  2. Try to Solve sample papers and old papers: It is crucial to review prior years’ papers because examiners have a history of repeating some crucial questions over a number of years. Make sure to complete the previous years’ papers while keeping a timer going; this will help you become more quick-witted and efficient with your time.
  3. Prepare Your handwritten notes: Students should prepare their own notes while doing studies that will be more beneficial for them. To master mathematics, one must memorize formulas, theories, and concepts. In addition to the formulas from earlier classes, the concepts from class XII are crucial for passing a math exam. For last-minute revision, separate your handwritten notes into those about theories, formulas, and procedures.
  4. Prepare Your Personalized Time Table: Give each subject time in your daily schedule, just as you would in a well-balanced diet. When you focus on one issue for too long, it gets tedious and uninteresting. Mix and match several subjects as a result. step-by-step answers to daily questions of many forms. Finding solutions is not the only goal of mathematics. To get all A’s, one must pay attention to the steps as well.
  5. Take Frequent Brakes between your studies: Too much study at one time can also lead to dumbing your mind. So, In every two to three hours, you should take a rest. Avoid using your computer or a mobile device to watch television or play video games. Your eyes will strain much more if you do that. Instead, engage in indoor or outdoor activities that will revitalize your body and mind. Keep playing your games, dancing, and singing. You can better focus on your subject with the help of these activities.
    Sleep well to increase your memory: Most students finish their final exam revisions by staying up late. You must keep in mind that getting enough sleep is what transforms your short-term memory (what you just learned) into long-term memory (what you can recall sitting in the exam hall). Sleep for 7-8 hours every night to ensure that your brain actually retains everything you learned that day.

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