CBSE 12th Board Exam 2020: Tips to Boost Your Prep

CBSE 12th Board Exam 2020
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One of the most precious years in life, is the 12th board class and the examinations are conducted in March-April every year. It is important to study and prepare well CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) 12th board exam as it opens up many options for the student in correspondence to the careers and education opportunities. The preparation span for these papers is quite crucial and should be spent properly while covering all the topics and making a proper time table for scoring good grades in the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Class 12th board exams.

The following section consists of the tips that a student should follow to prepare well for the exams:

  • Start the preparation earlier:

In order to score better grades in the board exams, the students need to prepare well for class 12th board exam and start the whole process of preparation at the beginning of the academic session. Students nearly have one complete year for the preparation and hence should make a timetable and plan accordingly in order to fetch excellent results in the exams.The student should sincerely follow all the topics that have been mentioned in the syllabus and meticulously prepare accordingly.

  • Make short notes:

It is important to cover all the subjects as a student have completed it in one year and in such a span of time taken the student can easily prepare short notes on the basis of the complete syllabus as it is not feasible enough to complete the entire syllabus one day before the final exam. The books preferred are class 12th CBSE books. Also writing helps you remember concepts for a longer period of time.

  • Take the necessary help:

The doubts should be declared as early as possible because misunderstanding the concept leads to bad results.Many students keep on repeating the mistakes as their doubt have not been clarified and it’s better to take help from the teacher and online study materials to succeed in life.

  • Don’t stress yourself:

Well it’s just an exam not the last challenge of your life so it’s better to feel free from any kind of anxiety and nervousness. Be confident about your concepts. Balanced diet and regular water breaks can help you feel refreshed enough to write the answers properly. Also meditation leads in better accuracy in outputs.

  • Previous year question papers and mock results:

Practice all sorts of questions repeatedly. Thoroughly read all the concepts and solve all the questions regarding those topics. Try to complete all the previous year question papers as well as the online test series that are conducted by various online institutes Know the time taken for each type of question as well as the errors and accuracy detected. This will help in improving the score and learning from the mistakes and such kind of practical training helps a lot during the board exam. Utilize the maximum time and prepare well for board exams.

By Sumindar Kaur

A well-known teacher and blogger, Suminder Kaur aims to help students be better leaders and get better results in field of education. She leads a bi-weekly podcast full of ideas and strategies for students.

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