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Today is an era of technical advancements in the world of mathematics. A teacher needs to be professionally advanced enough to tackle all the problems of the students. An online math tutor needs to create an overview of the complete real life applications of mathematics so that a student can achieve success at problem solving. Online Personalized one-on-one math classes are creating a bigger change in the society. The class environment is suitable for the student as well as the tutor and the students of classes 9th, 10th ,11th and 12th can study according to their time and put more effort in studying rather than wasting their precious sources as time and money in transportation. The online learning is flexible and convenient enough for a student to study in a relax-able mode.The CBSE and ICSE boards have exclusively made the syllabus and pattern of the exams in such a manner that the students can effectively study online. The e-learning focuses on all the concepts mentioned in the text books prescribed by them. By 2025, the growth in the field of e-learning is expected to reach the count of 325 billion dollars and so, personalized one on one coaching becomes a better method of teaching a student. The students willing to pursue a career in engineering and related fields need to pass the IIT JEE Mains and Advance exam for which mathematics is a scoring subject. In order to clear the mathematics section, it is important to clear the topics that are possible only when a student is given personalized attention.

Online education increases the rate of retention of concepts by the student and for a greater time, the student can solve as tough problems as present in the book.

Clearance of Doubts:

Personalized one-to-one education helps a student gain confidence and he/she can ask every single doubt in the mind as the teacher is teaching just a single child at a time. The student can ask different types of questions without any hesitation that increases their intellectual level. The mentality of a student changes towards positivity and gathers greater information as compared to the class.

Student-Teacher Interaction:

The communication gap between a teacher and student decreases due to the personalized one on one classes and during the class the student engages in a completely different environment that is suitable with his/her attitude and lifestyle. The knowledge is absorbed in a more effective way and the path to learning becomes easier and safer. The online technologies such as Skype, Google Meet, WebCisco , VOIP calls, video conferencing have changed the way a person looks at the teaching methodology. Today people have started accepting these as a part of their learning and using these online resources saves their time, energy and efforts.

In-Depth Knowledge

Due to personalized one-to-one online education, the student gathers greater information regarding the topic. More number of books and materials can be referred and more number of questions can be solved in the same time as compared to this student in a class of 50 students, wherein the teacher has to look after each and every student in the class and thus proper time could not be given to an individual. The student achieves in depth knowledge and greater retention with facts of the core concepts of the subject.

Reasonable Prices:

The online learning is the most reasonable way of education today as the costs are less as compared to the offline coaching wherein the students are made to buy other stuff along with the books. In addition to that they have to buy a large number of books that increase their confusion regarding the subject rather than sorting their problems.The transportation and hostel charges are discarded as the student can take the online classes while sitting at their homes with an internet connection of 50 Mbps speed and strong bandwidth and a laptop of reasonable price. The student can earn and learn simultaneously without disturbing their financial resources.

More Resources:

Online resources are more in number and are accurate as compared to the materials provided without any authentication. These resources are checked and validated in comparison to other similar resources present on the web. The updates take place regularly so that there is no lapse in the information as due to the technical advancements, everyday there is new research in the field of mathematics. The online learning also provides e-books, power-point presentations, audio and video files in addition to the online notes and PDFs. The vastness of the resources make a student feel more promising towards achieving better results on their concepts.

Anyone Can Do Study:

In a personalized online learning class, a person of age 50 or 10 years has equal right to education and study peacefully without worrying about the society while leading their personal life in the domain of their choice. The topic of learning may vary but the path to e-learning is the same for all making it the most convenient method of online education.This leads to an advancement of the career opportunities and the profile of an individual grows strong and the person can become more professional while learning on his/her own terms and conditions.

More Saving:

Today the most important thing for a person is time and if saved, that time can be utilized to do some wonderful stuff. Online learning saves the time of travel and the class is just a click away. You just need to login to the class and listen to the amazing audio of the teacher with the complete core concept being shared on the screen. Even the money is saved making a positive impact on the environment. These classes are eco-friendly as there is no wastage of petrol or diesel. So, there is saving on a larger scale than we can think of.

More Choices:

Online education provides more choices in selecting the courses and a proper tutor for teaching that subject. In a school, the teacher and syllabus are fixed however in the online class, more concepts rather than just the syllabus can be covered and the tutor focuses on a single student in one-on-one class so the tendency to excel in that field increases significantly. So, the one-on-one online e-learning is a rapidly growing sphere that is bound to bring everlasting changes in the field of education.The youth wants to attain better and detailed information in less amount of time so personalized e-learning increases their potential to succeed in the life with better opportunities in every circle of the world.

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